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Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial Lanckorona Fortress Ruins, Wooden House in Lanckorona Square

Tour 2 - Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial & Lanckorona

Auschwitz -Birkenau Memorial UNESCO World Heritage Site

Since the end of World War II Auschwitz concentration camp has become the most recognisably named place of genocide in the world and a lasting reminder of the organised mass murder that happened there under Hitler’s German Nazi regime.

An estimated 1.1 Million Jews, 150.000 Poles, 23,000 Romani & Sinti, 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war and tens of thousands more from other nationalities were murdered in Auschwitz.

In total it is thought that 1.3 million people were sent to Auschwitz, of which at least 1.1 million died at the camp.

Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial with its well preserved buildings, barracks, gas chambers, crematoriums, and collection of thousands of shoes, glasses, photos and personal belongings of victims is a sombre reminder of the horrors and atrocities that human beings are capable of committing and a lasting memorial to the victims of the extermination, a visit to Auschwitz will not be forgotten.

“I have never felt able to describe my emotional reactions when I first came face to face with indisputable evidence of Nazi brutality and ruthless disregard of every shred of decency… I have never at any other time experienced an equal sense of shock.”

Dwight Eisenhower
Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe during WW2 & 34th President of the United State.

After visiting Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial we will drive the country way back towards Krakow (instead of the motorway) so you can experience the Polish countryside, towns and villages as we drive through them and on to our next tour destination Lanckorona, where we will explore this fabulous village and stop to have something to drink and eat.

Lanckorona UNESCO World Heritage Site

Lanckorona started life as a settlement built around a large wooden fortress, established at the beginning of the 13th century.

In the 1339, King Casimir the Great turned the wooden fortress into a more substantial castle made of brick and stone (now in ruins) to protect the main road to Krakow and the boarder of Duchies of Silesia.

He also funded the building of the village’s Church which is still intact and used today. In 1366 the King granted Lanckorona town rights under Magdeburg law and allowed the duty-free import of beer to the newly appointed town, all quite a privilege back in the day.

During this time the town Lanckorona developed vibrantly thanks to the King & his entourage frequent visits of royal hunting parties & gatherings.

Since its formation, Lanckorona can be found to be woven into the very colourful fabric of polish history, with its documented destruction in Swedish Deluge to the great battles of the Bar Confederation fought on the plains below Lanckorona.

In 1869 a great fire destroyed many houses and outbuildings, what we see today is the reconstruction of the town from that period.

The medieval layout and well preserved architecture has been designated a cultural monument by the Polish government.

The buildings in the centre of the village are regarded as the most beautiful examples of traditional wooden architecture in Poland.

Lanckorona is a charming, peaceful and creative village with some great cafés, galleries, potters and artisans, a place famous for attracting and inspiring artists, actors, and writers. With spectacular landscapes, fabulous walks and a great atmosphere Lanckorona is one of our favourite locations to explore.

After visiting Lanckorona we will head back to your hotel in Krakow or pickup/drop off point, where this tour and day out ends.

Tour Fact Box

Pickup & Drop Off
Pick up between 8.00 - 8.30 am from your hotel in Krakow or arranged pickup point. In the unlikely event we are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, we will call you to let you know what is happening and estimated time of arrival.

Return back to your hotel or arranged drop off point will be approximately between 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

Group Size
Up to 4 People

Round Trip
166 km / 103 miles

Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial - Tickets available all year round, all tours are in groups of up to 25 people, (we are not allowed to provide the tour ourselves) smaller private tours just for your group can be arranged at an extra charge please let us know on the booking form if you would prefer this.
Alternatively you may also explore Auschwitz - Birkenau Memorial by yourselves without a guide allowing you to take your time and read the information plaques as you go.

Lanckorona - Available throughout the year.

Easy - please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
Wheelchair access.

Method Of Travel
Latest Mitsubishi Pajero Mk4 long 4WD and on foot.

Sustenance (Not included in price)
We will stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants found in Wadowice (which is on our way to Lanckorona and birth place of Pope John Paul II) and again for tea/coffee and something to eat in Lanckorona.

Comfort Breaks
Stops for comfort breaks as and when needed.

Tickets (Included In Price)
All tickets & attraction entry fees will be pre booked and paid for by ourselves on your behalf or by your driver on the day. All entry fees and tickets are included in the price below.

1450 PLN

Based on 4 People includes all fees/tickets, travel expenses, your guide and private driver for the day.
A discount will be made if your group has less than 4 people. We will let you know the amended price and availability before you go ahead and finalise your tour booking.


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