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Zakopane Market and high street Entrance to Niedzica Castle Czorsztynskie Lake Boat Ride

Tour 1 - Zakopane, Niedzica Castle & Czorsztynskie Lake Boat Ride


Our tour begins with a scenic drive through rolling hills, valleys and villages towards the Tatra Mountain range where we will reach our first stop Zakopane.

Known as the winter capital of Poland and situated in a valley between the Tatra Mountains and Gubałówka Hill. In winter Zakopane offers some of the best ski slopes in Poland and during the summer months is a popular tourist destination for taking in the views of the fabulous Tatra Mountain range, mountaineering and hiking.

Zakopane is also famous for being the centre of Goral folk culture, a traditional Shepherds and Farmers way of life that originates from the 16th century and as you will see is still very much kept alive today.

They have their own dialect and maintain traditional customs and regional costumes, folk dancing and music. The Goral style will also be seen in the local architecture with ornately carved wooden houses and churches.

On arrival we will first explore the town market place selling locally made leather & sheepskin goods, hand carved wooden statues, tourist mementos and the famous Zakopane cheeses, Bryndza and Oscypek sheep cheese that tastes best hot and grilled.

We will then, continue on to ascend Gubałówka Hill (1126 m above sea level) by funicular cable car to take in the fantastic panoramic view of the Tatra mountain range that forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia and stop for something to eat and drink in one of the many restaurants found at the top of Gubałówka Hill before heading back to the 4x4 and on to Niedzica castle.

Niedzica Castle & Czorsztynskie Lake Boat Ride

Regarded as one of the most picturesque & enchanting castles in the country and featured in many a Polish period movie. The castle is set high on a cliff edge overlooking Czorsztynskie lake and offers magnificent, picturesque views of the surrounding area.

The castle was built in the 1320s to protect the border with Hungary and for centuries has played an important part in good Polish-Hungarian relations.

Through the centuries it has been given away, taken away, owned and lost by numerous successive aristocratic owners giving it a rich and interesting history.

Once inside the castle you will be able to explore the residential wings, towers, arcades, dungeons, fortifications and the castles museum.

The Castle Museum contains an interesting collection of archaeological artefacts, prints and engravings showing views of the castle from various periods in time along with historical documents, antiques, armament, 18th and 19th century pistols, hunting rifles, and more... with many of the items being donated in 1996 by the then Hungarian ambassador to Poland.

A great legend attached to the castle concerns one of its owners Sebastián Berzeviczy who travelled to the New World in the 18th century looking for fortune and ended up falling deeply in love with an Inca princess. Their daughter Umina married the nephew of an Inca leader Túpac Amaru II, who was a direct descendant of Inca kings.

Túpac Amaru II was eventually executed by the Spaniards for rebelling against them and so the family fled South America.

The legend goes they returned to Niedzica Castle with the sacred scrolls of the Incas that contained information about the whereabouts of a great lost Inca treasure that has yet to be found.

The notion that an Inca treasure map is hidden somewhere in the castle, still captures the imagination of locals and visitors to this very day.

After exploring the Castle we will stop at the local restaurant for lunch and then continue with a short walk down to the water’s edge and embark on a relaxing 50 minute boat ride around the Czorsztynskie Lake to take in the fabulous views.

We will then head back to your hotel in Krakow or pickup/drop off point where this great tour and day out ends.

Tour Fact Box

Pickup & Drop Off
Pick up between 8.00 - 8.30 am from your hotel in Krakow or arranged pickup point. In the unlikely event we are running late due to unforeseen circumstances, we will call you to let you know what is happening and estimated time of arrival.

Return back to your hotel or arranged drop off point will be approximately between 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

Group Size
Up to 4 People

Round Trip
266 km / 165 miles

Zakopane - Available all year round.
Niedzica Castle - Closed on Mondays.
Czorsztynskie Lake Boat Ride - Available from the 1st May to the 1st October.

Easy - please wear comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
Limited wheelchair access.

Method Of Travel
Latest Mitsubishi Pajero Mk4 long 4WD, funicular cable car and on foot.

Sustenance (Not included in price)
We will stop to eat and drink in one of the restaurants found at the top of Gubałówka Hil and again for lunch at Niedzica castle.

Comfort Breaks
Stops for comfort breaks as and when needed.

Tickets (Included In Price)
All tickets & attraction entry fees will be pre booked and paid for by ourselves on your behalf or by your driver on the day. All entry fees and tickets are included in the price below.

1580 PLN

Based on 4 People includes all fees/tickets, travel expenses, your guide and private driver for the day.
A discount will be made if your group has less than 4 people. We will let you know the amended price and availability before you go ahead and finalise your tour booking.


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